Friday, 25 April 2014


The tree cannot grow without its roots.One learns a thing only when it interests him.This interest is generated by the values one nurtures.Different people,different values. But clearer the values, easier the learning.
   Syamantak is based on natural teaching. No one teaches children theories of how to grow better. Enrollment to open schooling keeps them with other school going children. They learn it through tasks on basis of daily needs. How to calculate their cow feed through volume formulas of cylindrical object teaches them mathematics, discussions and community living social sciences and daily practices of cooking, repairing things, solar cooking and maintaining a farm teaches them sciences. But understanding and channelizing the energy requires vision. Not only vision it also needs courage and an attitude to accept the new parameters of life. This task is headed by Sachin Desai, the brain behind the Syamantak.
   Sachin Desai  did his bachelor’s from University of Mumbai in Hotel Management. Placed as Manager in Baskin n Robbins,he worked there for some time and chased his passion to work on the loopholes in the  education system.He along with a partner developed a learning utility software that helped children to understand things better.The tool was a big hit for schools as it was  newly launched and the computer evolution was at embryonic stage. His business flourished well in central India. He married in Bhopal and lived with his wife Meenal and daughter Mrunalini. But, now the things changed. Being a victim of education system himself during childhood, he wanted to grow his child , letting her learn freely, with him, channelizing her energies in the right way. The decision was very challenging. Not enrolling a child to school is more fearful than fighting with the marine commandos. It needed courage, expertise as well as a strong vision towards handling things. With advice from his guruji and grandfather, in 2007 he shifted from his Bhopal flat to his ancestral house closed for last 80 years. Now the real test satarted.  How to teach Mrunalini. Teaching alone would be teaching isolation. With advice and thinking, they decided to adopt orphan children. But, this time they took another challenge. They chose the children who were declared troublemakers or mentally retarded from the orphanages. Highly energetic children could keep the environment up and dumb ones could learn from them. This way, the energy of the challenging children was channelized to perform demanding yet productive tasks to build Syamantak and love it for their efforts and learnings.With that Syamantak School Without walls started.

Thursday, 24 April 2014